Road trip thoughts: First days out

That’s a whole load of art behind them thar woman

— What is it about traveling tightly together in a hurtling metal container that’s so freakishly enjoyable? 

Why do we love it so much we shout, Road trip! . . . ?

— It may be that intimate proximity — you turn — your son, your wife — they’re right there. You hear each other’s laughter, sighs, bodily excesses . . . after the hours spin by you hear each other’s thoughts . . . 

— We’re traveling in style — bohemian style — comfortably in the front half of the van. Loaded with art in the back half. 

When people ask I feel the need to explain we crashed and burned financially during the crash years. As if to justify our summer art trekking . . . Why? I’m ecstatic for anyone else who luxuriously enjoys the rewards life offers — regardless whether or not pain was suffered to attain it. Why don’t I allow myself the same freedom?

— Roadside exercise with your family is much mo’ better. As opposed to me, solo, doing it by myself. America casts a funny eye at those exercising at highway rest areas. Maybe it’s the yoga poses. 

<loopy smile>

— At the Apple Store they say, “I gotcha” a lot as they pass you from one person to another to another. And I don’t mind. Gives me the chance to handwrite these thoughts on paper.

Always have pen and paper handy if you want to snatch thoughts from the brainosphere . . . 

— You’d think it’s the changing scenery, the morphing skyscapes, the fresh architecture, the food . . . that makes a road trip exciting. But really it’s the changing people

The everchanging flow of people energy . . . 

. . . and the people you’re with, sharing time and space and moments. All those moments piling up one on top of another till it feels like a dream.

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