Rock legends, an art innovator, and you

I am available to more good than I have experienced or imagined before.

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith 

That’s a juicy affirmation, eh? Spoken by Michael Bernard Beckwith during a guided meditation.

Beckwith speaks of the Law of Radiating, which is how he references creating from within. First you consider the possibility, then you think on it thoroughly, then you act  you encompass that idea so completely that you radiate it.

Think the Beatles playing eight hours a day in Hamburg, where they cohered as a group.

Think Gauguin giving up a career in finance to cast it all in as an artist  and then going full immersion in Tahiti.

Think you, really fleshing out your dream by taking action after inspired action until you are It.

I want Tom Cruise to be a Scientologist; I WANT Romney to be Mormon!
Three visions of perfection: Worldwide Plaza, Manhattan