Russell reading

This is one of my forever friends.

Russell and I have known each other since college. He was my RA in my freshman year — I’m pretty sure I was a consternation to him. Me and Gil. He busted us more than once over excessive enthusiasm. What everyone else probably calls rowdiness.

Today’s post is simple. A celebration of reading.

Two qualities stand out about the people I admire:

1. They are voracious readers. Can you imagine Lincoln or Obama or Gates or Buffett without their in depth reading?

2. They are thinkers. They ask questions. They take notes. They act on their thoughts.

Take a look at Russell . . . I imagine he started with book in hand sitting in the divan at the end of the bed . . . and became so engrossed he slunk down and back . . . adjusting throw pillows as he went.

THAT is reading. THAT is letting yourself flow into a narrative. THAT is how it’s done.

Are you reading something more than short digital bursts?

What are you reading that’s pulling you in? What are you reading that’s amplifying your spirit?

Did you have a good hurricane?
Vision Page (out loud) Sunday 10.30.16