Ruth Ava Lyons: An artist who embeds spiritual messages in her artwork

“As she paints, Lyons embeds prayers in the layers of her paint. She has developed a script she calls “Ruthtavian,” which is inspired by the beauty and timely relevance of Chinese and Arabic script, mixed with a dash of shorthand (her mother was a medical transcriptionist), and finished off with her own lines and curves. Lyons imbues the characters with spiritual meaning, praying for whatever is important to her that day

From an article in Today’s Charlotte Woman

We can all do this! Embed meaning in what we do . . . 

There’s a point in every process where we can insert our divine intentions. Think about it, you’ll find them. And then you’ll relish imbuing your work with greater potency.

It will show through, too, just as it does for Ruth Ava Lyons. She closed down her gallery at the height of the 2008 crash . . . only to find her work more in demand than ever before.

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Evan Griffith
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