Sales are up 50% this year

When I started The World is Freaky Beautiful blog a year-ish ago . . . let’s put it this way, we had so much business debt that had we been Greek we’d have been rioting in the streets. 

The numbers — which supposedly do not lie — were screaming at us: It’s over!

Ominous, dirge-like music played in our heads. We were on the cusp of losing the person most central to our mission . . . The off-season was coming on and the numbers (remember, they don’t lie) were clear that we’d be closing that summer after fifteen years in business.

So it was indeed the perfect time to start a blog site dedicated to this freakishly beautiful life and all its wonders.

I can’t say that it’s because I started this project in the face of doom that sales are up 50% this year. 

That is due to many factors. We hung on long past when the majority of our competitors folded. Ann came back into the gallery after a nine-year hiatus, changing up the energy. The economy is re-surging (but it’s not up 50% . . . the economy may need Ann too).

So many reasons but defying reality by insisting on finding the good when overloaded with the (seeming) bad is never a bad idea.

I would go one step further: It wasn’t defying reality, it was creating reality anew, in a form more pleasing to the mind’s eye — by repeatedly choosing to see the insanely amazing. 

Though the difficulties remain formidable I wouldn’t bet against us.


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