Sanctuary, often

Sanctuary, wherever you can find it
That seems to be my number one impulse.
It only dawned on me just now that I seek solitary space every day. And often throughout the day. 
There might be some who can’t benefit from reflective time, but I haven’t met them.

It’s more than just about renewal — which of course, is critical. It’s about reconnection. Connecting back to what matters most. 
Who do I want to be in the world?

What am I creating through my attention and action?

What do I want to create most?
Sanctuary, wherever I can find it, gets me there.
Every single time I emerge from private communion I feel myself lightened. I feel the light in me suffusing my vision. I feel lighthearted . . . and a lightness of being . . . You could call it blissed out or connected or amped up or in tune . . . and you wouldn’t be wrong.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
The above photos are from a surprise glass shrine we encountered on our travels. In seemingly nowhere Nebraska this structure appeared — when you see a glass sanctuary built for reverence amidst the fields of Nebraska, you have to stop!
We pulled off at the next exit and wound our way back to this place. Called the Holy Family Shrine it coalesced because several individuals — unbeknownst to each other — had a similar dream. 
Though it is meant for Catholics, the space is welcoming to all. The entirety of its purpose is so one can enter into a personal spiritual space.
How beautiful is that?
And how beautiful is this — my wife Ann coming out from her own meditation in the Shrine.

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