Secular spirituality: Oh the choices!

There’s a wave crashing across the land — it’s been coming for a generation and now it’s splashing down all around us. It’s the advent of secular spirituality.

Secular spirituality is an open-source, open-path movement. There’s a commitment to the spiritual, but not to a particular religion.

This ethos is open-hearted in its embrace of multiple pathways to the Ultimate. A dark side, that I hope is lessening, is scorn for those who trod a traditional path.

It’s beautiful, you might

dance (like Rumi) 

love (like Jesus)

pray (like Muhammad)

allow (like Abraham-Hicks) 

still your thoughts (like Buddha)

be the change you wish to see in the world (like Gandhi)

serve (like Mother Teresa) 

frolic (like Osho) 

You might

go Tantric and find communion in sexual union

You might

go your own way (like Fleetwood Mac)

You might . . . do anything you wish to elevate yourself . . . it’s your call.


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