See this pull tab dangling from the back of this bottle’s cap?

See this pull tab dangling from the back of this bottle’s cap? It’s for a ginger drink my son fell in love with out west: Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Design rules in this era. The color, the simplicity, the way it eases your way into your drink by adding a playfully elegant element . . . 

Years ago I was hiring young designers in New York. Their followups cemented their hiring offers. One young American-Asian woman followed up with a folded rice paper thank you, embossed with a Chinese symbol on the front. 

The texture of the paper, the graphic element, the careful folds insuring we just as carefully unfolded the message, the succinct reasons she wanted to work with us . . . all of it cut through the clutter of the many interviews we’d been conducting and moved her from a possible to a hell yes, let’s hire her.

Another designer we hired followed up with a lengthy list of what she loved about our organization (and me) and what she thought she could bring to it — hand-penned in voluptuous calligraphy.

Whatever you can do, add a stamp of originality to it. It needn’t be overblown. Simple works. As in the pull tab on the bottle above.

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Evan Griffith
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