Seeker of wonder: Now is the time to go to your God space more than ever

What do you do when life gets rough?

Let me tell you the story of a good friend who recently went through a trying experience with a law suit. We’ll thinly disguise him as Lavid Dangley . . . which somehow fits that over-sexed beast. 

Years after an explosive breakup, Lavid’s ex filed a law suit over a car. It was a bad-bad-bad-Leroy-Brown type of breakup — I’m not saying the ex was the meanest cat in town, the lyrics say that, but it was bad. Yet that was five years behind him now, or so he thought.

The basics on the lawsuit: She claimed he stole a car from her. He knew she’d given it to him as a gift well before their breakup.

This isn’t about who is right or wrong here, but about how Lavid Dangley dealt with a moment of jeopardy. Not only did it feel like an injustice to Lavid after all this time, but the attorney fees racked up when he could ill afford them. 

He sank into despair . . . as in when will the sh*t in my life ever let up?!

Here’s where he went to ground. He went to what grounded him in the highest truth, even though he didn’t feel it for an instant. He only felt nervous and anxious and crappy.

For Lavid, encountering Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God years back had been a turning point in his personal evolution. I was there. He went from cynic to seeker of wonder.

He found his old tapes — yes, it was that long ago — and began listening to them every day, as often as he could — to let the highest, best, grandest Thoughts in the Universe sink in deeply. 

New ideas came forward, seemingly targeted just for his situation. He thought on them. He got lost in contemplation . . . . Over the weeks before the court date he absorbed these highest principles, to the point where he exuded a surreal calm that was magic to behold.

And that is the story! I know you want to know how it ends — it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t the outcome, it was the steeping in the essential that was important. 

So go away with you now, that’s all I’m telling. Don’t keep reading just because you think I may have some big reveal at the end . . . . go and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day.

Now is the time to go to your God space more than ever.

           ~ Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God 

(OK, he won the court case. Are you happy now that you’ve pried it out of me?)


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