Seeking: A confederacy of creators

I’m on the hunt to assemble an informal Creators Club. People who are in the midst of creating some new and amazing project in their lives.

I’m writing a book. And expect to follow it up with a bookito or three before diving into my next long-form book. 

(A bookito is a little book of possibly 50 pages max). 

I’ve met someone else who’s writing furiously, far more furiously than I.

Maybe it’s not a Creators Club, it could be more akin to a Creators Network. A loose confederacy of people who are projectizing. 

I’m really into finding people who are working on something that might, just might transform their lives. Something personally significant.

Some projects are ongoing. Like a business. Once you start them you don’t stop until it stops or you’ve sold it or you’ve quit it or you’ve got someone else running it.

A love affair is like that too. So is a friendship. 

Other projects have beginnings and endings. You code an app. You run a marathon. You design a website. You bake a new kind of cupcake. You invent a thingy. 

It’s not that you won’t go on from there, you likely will, it’s that there’s a definite finish line. And you cross it.

A Creators Confederacy — is that still a bad word after, you know, the South? — a Creators Network would have people who are projectizing meeting loosely from time to time to inspire each other. Though not necessarily together as a whole group on a set timetable as you might in a Meetup gathering. 

A network appeals to me because of these two factors:

1) Its ties.

2) Its looseness.

A network of creators would be tied together by their forward motion on their projects . . . yet it would be loose enough so as not to get bogged down in a Structure. 

We’d be connecting individually and in small groups of varying sizes often enough to make it a meaningful network . . . without feeling we’re throwing too much energy into something that’s becoming an Organization.

Am I trying to be spiritual but not religious here with my writing project? 

Yes, I think the answer would be yes. 

Think of it. To belong to a Creators Network would mean the electricity of meeting someone you don’t know or don’t know well from time to time. Because one person would link you to another. 

The whole idea would be for introductions to be made, for cross currents to riffle.

Ideas develop this way. Adjacent possibilities spring forth from new connections one or two degrees removed. A network of creators brings together the power behind the 3 Degrees of Influence

If you form a loose linkage between a number of creatives pursuing projects, then you focus that power into a driving force. Each member becomes an amplifier.

The Rules of A Creators Network would be simple:

  • You must be engaged in a personally meaningful project, or be thinking of starting one
  • You would network consciously with others who are engaged in their own projectizing
  • You would make introductions so others could grow by the loose associations made

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to join the next time you’re projectizing on something of significance to you?

For you 

Evan Griffith
What Creators Do
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