Seinfeld on life and comedy and why spareness serves you

From Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow, in which Apatow interviews comedians about their process . . . and how they made it.

In this interview excerpt with Jerry Seinfeld not long ago, Apatow recalls the first time he interviewed Seinfeld. (It was pre-Seinfeld, the hit TV comdey, and Apatow was only 15 years old):

Judd: The other thing that I remember about our interview is that your apartment had nothing in it. Like, it was not decorated.  

Jerry: Oh, I was a minimalist from the beginning. I think that’s why I’ve done well as a comedian. 

Judd: No distractions. 

Jerry: If you always want less, in words as well as things, you’ll do well as a writer.

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