Sex towels

We talk about creative living and connection around here. I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass along this tip, because it facilitates both.

For spontaneous intimacy — or otherwise — nothing beats sex towels. 

In my twenties I never gave a thought to the aftermath. If you’re over thirty or if you’re much more thoughtful than I was in my bestial youth, then clean sheets are part of the equation. 

You know that equation. The one ticking in your head . . . 

How much time + how much effort = Yes or No

If you take soiled bedclothes out of process, then you’re much more likely to dive in and enjoy.

When I hit on the idea of sex towels many years ago it was a eureka moment. The towels simplified my favorite pasttime . . . which guaranteed more of that pasttime. With the sheets protected, we could lie there pleasantly for as long as we wanted.

Nothing prolongs afterglow better than an unhurried mind.

Best qualities in sex towels:


Make sure you have 6 to 8 towels. If some are in the laundry or in the wash, no matter. You’ve got more on the shelf, ready at a moment’s notice. 

 Two at a time minimum

Lay them down side by side, overlapping one over the other a little. You don’t want them to separate under duress 🙂 


Get extra long towels. It’s just better. Afterward it makes it easier to grab the far end for any wipedown needed, while still lying on them. 

Thin, not thick 

Plush towels and thick towels are oddly uncomfortable to lay on for any length of time. They trap heat. They pile up easily. 

Thin towels cling to the surface sheet better. They’re unobtrusive. That’s what you want. To not give them a second thought. 

Try it and see if you too don’t get hooked on the idea. When you crawl off the bed — or the couch or the back of your 57 Chevy — you simply toss the towels in the hamper and go on with your day.


For you 

Evan Griffith

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