Shavasana is coming

When I first began yoga the scariest pose for me was Shavasana. This is the Corpse Pose, the pose of utter release at the end of a yoga practice. You lie on the ground on your back . . . and let it all go. The tension, the tightened muscles, the holding of your body in any accustomed way.

There you are after prolonged exertion, letting your entire body drape like a limp rag thrown on the floor. 

I couldn’t do it! 

My body felt like it was falling into space . . . it wasn’t accustomed to that kind of complete abandonment to relaxation.

Now as I’ve taken up yoga again, I appreciate that posture so deeply that when I find myself trembling, shaking, stretching my capability to the max, I remind myself, “Shavasana is coming. Shavasana is coming.”

The release is coming. Hold on. You can do it. Be attentive. That is what I’m saying to myself to get through moments I don’t think I can get through.

Isn’t it true of everything for which we must sustain attention beyond what we think we’re capable — our respite is coming. Our rest is coming.

You can only know that your break is coming if you give yourself a break.

If you build in breaks throughout your day — no matter how small — you’ll find it that much easier to power through a difficulty knowing that your own personal shavasana is coming.

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