She dreamed $11,000

I have to pass this on, not knowing exactly what it means or the means in which it came to pass. That matters not at all. What matters is that these things occur.

I don’t shake my head and think that because I don’t understand the mechanism that the import isn’t there. This event, which happened this past month, points again to the Stupendous Mystery at the heart of our existence. It points to more . . . so much more. But those are ideas best fanned out in other posts.

Here it is quickly. It happened to my dear friend T-chele, who owns the retail shop next to our space.

T-chele dreamed she had an $11,000 sale. It was all the more unusual because she was in the depths of the off-season. She told Jose about it the next day:

“I don’t know if it was here or not — the store had two levels [hers has just one] — but you were behind the register.”

They agreed it was a good omen, that it was going to be a good week.

The dream resonated powerfully enough that T-chele told my wife a couple days later about it, while at the same time mentioning she had to have $6,000 within two days to pay her bills.

A $9,000 sale came through on Friday — when T asked how they’d done for the day, Jose looked at her and smiled:

“The total came to just over $11,000.”

None of us know how the process works, not exactly, or how to make it happen consistently. If we did, I’d be over at T-chele’s every night before she drifted off to sleep, whispering . . . about a Sprinter camper van . . . a full head of hair . . . lottery tickets . . . we all would!

It’s the fact that it did happen that is worth cooing about. It points to one more inexplicably delicious element at play in the cosmic playground.

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