Shhhh — quietly booting back up

Hey all, welcome back to The World Is Freaky Beautiful

I’m doing it quietly. No email blast. No media blitzes. Nothing bombastic. 

Since the Freaky Beautiful newsletter only goes out occasionally, those who follow predominantly by newsletter will not even be aware of the pause in operations here. 

Only you. You who come to the site more frequently.

This is more my style, to quietly and surely get going again.

Why take a digital sabbatical?

Before I answer — with a list! — who doesn’t love a list — let me tell you what’s been going on.

I finished several rounds of edits on Bohemia in Suburbia, an adventure memoir that will be available in 2015 for you to purchase and read. 

It’s with the editor now, in better hands than mine. 

Two and a half years of work and now it’s with someone else — to expose its weaknesses and build on its strengths. So that by the time it gets to you it will be worthy of your time, your precious stuff of life time.

More importantly for you — for those of you who follow Freaky Beautiful — that same process has been applied to this site.

Taking a digital sabbatical has allowed me to explore its limitations and enhance its virtues. 

We’re coming back with a keener focus on the creative-spiritual continuum. There will be weekly and bi-weekly features I think you’ll come to look forward to.

There will be periodic longer posts to give you more meat in one sitting. Interspersed in between will be shorter posts to inspire and inform.

There will also be more insight and experience from others. 

I read a great deal. I’ll be excerpting passages I think you’ll find meaningful. Every other week. 

A new weekly feature will highlight one thing that’s made someone’s life better recently. Aptly, this series is titled One Thing Better.

And I’m excited to share more of the genius abounding on the Internet. I’ve always done this in the newsletter. Now I’ll be sharing what’s compelling creatively and spiritually in a post of its own. 

Every other week. 

There’s lots to look forward to.

Thanks to each of you who have hung in there with me during my time away.

. . . . . . 

Now . . . here it is. The list. 

Why take a digital sabbatical (from the website you love)

  • Naps are good. So is time off.
  • New photos of me!
  • New masthead!
  • New tagline too. I like this one mucho. It feels spot on for what we talk about here.
  • You can unthink. Unthinking has much to recommend it but few who recommend you do so. Unthinking allows you to disperse your energy and your thoughts . . . Interestingly they come back to you in a powerful karma boomerang. Better, stronger, fleeter of foot.
  • Time off shows you how much you love a thing. Or don’t. In my case I missed you terribly — you readers who connect me. I also missed sifting through insights to pour my very best out to you. 

You know what I found out? I love this thing we do here! 

Creative connection is the future. It’s where sanity lives. In the zone between what is and what is possible.

It’s also the present. Creative connection is all about the present moment. 

Every good thing is here now, all we must do is connect deeply. Into our pure creation beingness. 

We are creator spirits set loose in this world for the adventure of it. 

Quietly now . . . let’s get on with it.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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