Shower yoga?

Sure why not.
Yoga has become the catchphrase of the day for thoughtfulness. Yoga implies loving attentiveness. You say yoga and beyond the thoughts of limber lovelies (and Rodney Yee) helming classes, you think ahhhhh, you think ohhhhhhhm. You think mindful engagement.

Yoga has usurped Zen. Think back a couple of decades — if you’re young, I’ll think back for you — there was Zen in the Art of Archery, you had the hipster guide to philosophy and life Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, there could have been a Zen for the Overzealous, Zits and Zen or a Zensibilities for all I know . . . We were Zenning out, man.
Now you’d have to update those books by translating them into today-ese. For example: The Yoga of [insert playful or workful activity here].
I am a Yogi of Luv, by the way . . . and more transparently, a Yogi of Inanity. But I digress.

So, shower yoga?
Yes, I say. In recent years I’ve become a spot yoga aficionado. A small retail business, parenthood, all manner of conspiracies make it near impossible to get the two and a half hours necessary to go to a yoga class.
It’s true, most yoga classes are an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Factor in the time to get ready, to transport yourself there, to bask in the awesomeness of the other yogurts afterward, to return, to shower and dress — two and a half hours. Yeesh. For something meant to be an activity embodying simplicity . . . .
So spot yoga works well for me now.

And now I’ve added shower yoga. The shower is always a good place to move thoughtfully anyway. To add slow stretching movements, to add deep bends, to unkink with the warm pummeling of water upon you — we have a hardy showerhead — ohhh, there’s no better way to slough off the night or rid yourself of the errant thoughts of the day. It’s a happy confluence: getting the dirt off while you get your zen on.
Try it sometime. You will go ahhhhh, you will go ohhhhm.
If you go slowly enough, deliberately enough, you will connect. You
will connect what’s been disconnected, you will connect your past
participles with future physics principles . . . yeah . . . you will
connect you and You.


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