Simple advice to his younger self, from someone who suffered a stroke

Loomis, California.
Very different from the same sign I saw in Wyoming,
riddled with bullet holes all around it.

A friend suffered a small stroke a few months ago. He’ll remain anonymous because he’s in an industry that relies heavily on referrals. 

Though he’s recovered he wouldn’t want it to be general knowledge lest it impact potential business. Sometimes the mere perception of possible weakness can be enough to cause doubt, and inhibit a robust referral. Or change it to a qualified one.

Over breakfast (that included tomatoes!) (on his part) (I hadn’t seen that before) he spoke about what he’d try to impress upon his younger self.

It’s simple. We all can do it. Ready? Here it is:

Eat less, move more.

Sounds simple because it is simple. 

I would also add, Move often

Eat less, move more, move often.

There you go. The formula to help you avoid a stroke. 

Or a heart attack. 

And have better sex to boot. 

(Which can be listed under the category of Move more . . . and should be under the category of Move often . . . just sayin’!)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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