The simplicity-complexity loop

We start from simplicity, then we complexify — because we  must to experiment our way toward our aims.

At some point the astute creator simplifies — cutting out the extraneous, the barely profitable, the impossibly time-consuming, the energy drags, the nags, the drains, the inefficiencies, the misaligned, the things that buzz darkly in our brains in off-hours.

We get as lean as we can in our processes.

To live more purposefully.

Then slowly, inadvertently, we complexify again.

It’s not a sin. It’s a result.

Complexity in our lives is the result of our aspirations. More specifically, it’s the predictable outcome when we take action on goals and whims.

Knowing that life will get complex should give us comfort. It’s only because we want so much that it has become so.

Which means every time we recognize that too muchness has overwhelmed our lives, we can take comfort in that too. All we need to do is clarify our truest desires. And then pare down from there.


To that beautiful place where you’re living at your perfect pitch. Your ideal rhythm. You get to work and sleep and breathe and play and be homeful in the right proportions.

(Knowing that at some unguarded point you will complexify again.)

(But maybe just maybe not quite so much.)

Embracing the Simplicity-Complexity Loop has an advantage.

Awareness. Once you’re aware of the process, it’s easier to say no to wants that overly add complexity.

Trivialities don’t have the same pull when you want to live on the simplicity side of the loop.


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