Slacker Manifesting (Jeannette Maw!)

Normally I like to have read a book in its entirety before I share an excerpt with you. But . . .

I’m already enjoying Slacker Manifesting by Jeannette Maw too much not to share this tidbit:

Slacker manifesting is a term coined by my friend and colleague, Abigail Steidley.

She describes it as “the radical practice of doing nothing.” 

What Abigail found, by accident and out of sheer exhaustion, was that when she would lie down and do nothing, her life flourished. The things she’d been “trying” to accomplish magically manifested. The projects that had been hard work suddenly came together out of brilliant inspiration. 

That’s when she realized that over-efforting her life was keeping her from the very success that she wanted.

It’s similar to when Albert Einstein gave up.

It also brings to mind why creatives overwhelmingly seem to use this one method for spurring innovative thought.

But it’s also true in my observation of others. 

When I look around at those I know who are the most successful, almost without fail each one is a master of playing as meaningfully as they work. Almost without fail the successful have mastered the art of the work and release methodology, where they burrow in, then surface . . . for a lunch, a break, a weekend getaway, a play date, a meditation, a prayer, an exercise regimen, a reorientation, something anything that dissolves the focus . . . until they are ready to burrow back in.

Why are the best ideas in the shower or after sex or during a workout or while driving? Because!

Because the over-efforting has been relinquished and the mind has been set free to play. 

The mind and play seem to be as important as the mind and focus. 

Really, when it gets down to it, what can’t an unbound mind attract? 

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