So what do you do when you’ve experienced a fall?

In a previous post this week, Wayne Dyer, suggested that a fall precedes a leap in awareness.

But what do you do when crushed by 




ill health 


unobtained dreams

I only have two suggestions

get silent 

get in motion

Seemingly opposites, both are necessary.

First, always, find your way into contemplative silence. 

It is easiest there to experience grief. From grief, you can encounter solace. From solace you can move to compassion, for yourself and the situation you find yourself in, for others if others are involved. From compassion, everything! 

From compassion, calm. From compassion, energy. From compassion, a way forward.

Hence, the second suggestion above: get in motion. 

Once a way forward presents itself, no matter how tiny the idea or how seemingly ineffective the effort, do it. Do it quickly. Inspired action is always for now, for this very moment. 

Once you run out of steam, repeat. Even if one hour later, repeat. 

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