Sofia Vergara: “I’ve never had a plan for anything”

On the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine the pull quote for Sofia Vergara shouts:

“I’ve never had a plan for anything.”

I suspect that’s true. I suspect Sofia Vergara lives passionately from where she’s at. I also suspect she’s always had a vision of herself as a thriving entertainer.

If you click on the link above you also find that she’s excited by all the opportunity thrown her way from Modern Family’s success. She is working it, working those opportunities hard (and joyfully).

That’s no I’ll lay on the couch and see what comes up sentiment. That’s an I’ll dive right into whatever comes up in my field of interest passion.

Is a plan needed? No, but embracing every opportunity in a general direction, yes.

Is it any surprise events have conspired to give her a heady moment?

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