Solving a problem: What creators do

“You have to have a solution to a problem and the only way to have a solution is to have a problem.”

David Gordon 

Speaking with an artist yesterday I was struck by how she described going through the 2008 crash, which affected many in creative fields negatively. 

She described looking at the data set, like a scientist might — and then casting around for creative solutions. 

The problem of a crash in income meant that she and her husband  looked closely at what they had . . . . They found they could easily separate out areas of their home. After some fix up they now rent out upstairs suites and a guest apartment to vacationers. They’ve met a series of wonderful people. They have new income sources.

Creators do that, look at the whole of life as a resource, and draw from there.

Part of the What creators do series.

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Ron Jons, a priori
Among famous creative types, what do you think is the most common means of spurring creative thought?