Someone who gave

I know someone who gave. 

He gave money as a gift to a man he knows from his church, not as a loan, as a gift to pay forward, as he always does in his giving. The acquaintance had lost his job then lost his home to foreclosure. Now he and his family were on the brink of losing their place to live because they couldn’t make rent.

This giver, upon hearing the plight the family was in, gave what was needed to keep the family in a home, giving it emphatically as a gift. He said: 

In ten years when you’re thriving and can barely remember this time, pay it forward. Help someone else out.

The church friend broke down. He sobbed from the sudden, unexpected relieving of a terrible burden, from the startling largesse  great gushes came out of him without pretense, from his eyes, nose and mouth. 

Unrestrained joy sometimes looks this way, great gobs of viscous fluid streaming down your face.

This same giver said the same thing when he and his wife gave substantially to Ann and I when we were at a low point after the stock market crash.

Years from now, when you are thriving, pay it forward.

I know this giver well. He normally doesn’t relate a great deal about his giving to others. No one save his wife knows the extent of his generosity, as he mostly gives anonymously wherever he can. Yet he did say this, that there’s no greater feeling in the world than making a difference, however small.

This giver has an abundant life in every way, spiritually, family, financially, healthily, charitably, friends up the wazoo  is it any wonder why?

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