The (sometimes funny) voice inside your head

Yesterday I was walking out of the mall when this happened:

1) I was thinking of all the trap doors we’ve gone through with our business, not only in the past 2.5 years, but since its inception 15 years ago. This will take far longer to relate than it happened in my head — it was like a life review, where you experience it all in virtual simultaneity. The final trap door was something recent I alluded to in a previous article, but have not yet written about here yet (coming soon).

2) It is important to note — despite the seeming muck mind above — I was in an especially good mood, feeling upbeat. As in what survivors we are.

3) Then the odd thing happened, again simultaneous with the above thoughts and feelings. A separate mental voice from the normal one running my thoughts — commenting upon my life as though at my funeral, today — quite clearly ran this thought from the sidelines:

His life was a triumph, though much of it was not visible.

Oh my effing God! I laughed so hard I almost blew a snooger through my nose!

It’s so true! Travails do not leave trophies in their wake.

(I’m separating out difficulties one might incur from debauchery — the naked nights locked out, the totaled cars, the wrecked relationships, all the cringe-worthy events . . . . oh that I had those fun tales to tell.)

Especially financial difficulties. There are no bigger homes, only smaller ones. Instead of the stylin’ cars, it’s the beater that keeps beating on. Rather than your business chugging into port an ocean liner, it’s a skiff, put putting to the nearest buoy. You get the idea.

But there is triumph! Of character.

For the rest of my days, no matter the successes that are to come, I will be able to stand with all those who suffer setbacks — repeated setbacks — and say, I celebrate your endurance.

Your strength.

Your adaptability.

Your getting back up and going at it again-ness.

And for those of you who stumble and fall and laugh, ahhh, I celebrate your spirit.

You are life’s victors.

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