Sometimes you just need a dog to get you started again

I am crazy! With a crazy dog that I love! And a crazy heart that longs for living again.

~ Dorrie Koller

Sometimes you just need a dog (or a cat or a hamster or a ______) to get you started again.

Here’s a snippet of Dorrie’s experience in forging a new life after her life partner passed away:

I’ve been reading Pema Chodron, and she is correct in saying that you are really living when you walk where there is no clear path. 

Now that I have committed to sell the house, and have zero time frame that is known, I feel such freedom! I really feel as if some weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It doesn’t matter how long I end up here, because I do know – – I am leaving. 

I don’t even know where I will end up. But I do know — I will be with my dog, I will have a project that interests me, I will get a kayak and a new bike, and start something in art — so I’m rather excited about it all! 

You might say why don’t you do all that now — well, no time, what with all the work keeping up the place, and no money to buy the new toys. I hope to get that from the sale of this place. Either way, I am happy to have these goals out there and dream of getting to do them! Anticipation is highly underrated! I rather like it! 

I took a huge chunk out of the numbness when I purchased Frankie. THAT was daunting. Many people might think “just a dog.” No. It was another being to care for, to open up and love again, to worry about, to try to accept into this heart that was shattered emotionally and almost physically. To share this tight-fisted, clean, dead home with a joyful animal was a shock to my numb, deadened system. 

I HAD to be healthy for Frankie. I HAD to get up and walk him. I HAD to get happy about playing. I HAD to be ecstatic about peeing outside. All of that was severely difficult to someone who could barely exist — which was the point I was operating at. He made me laugh. He made me cry. He made me see that I had to have him. He made me angry and loving all at the same time while exhausting the hell outta me! 

He wrecked my clean home and wrecked my heart and brought me back to the land of the living. He was a puppy. He was perfect. I adore him.

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