Sometimes you meet the best people when someone runs into your van, drunk

It’s true. Sometimes you do meet the best people as a consequence of someone running into your van drunk.

Here’s who I met:

  • the woman herself
    (who introduced me to . . . )
  • the body shop guy that I still go to from time to time
    (who introduced me to . . . )
  • the guy who is my mechanic now

I saw her at an event recently, had a big embrace and lots of laughter catching up. After we parted my friend with me asked: “Who was that?”

“Oh, that’s the woman who ran into our van years ago.”

That decade-ago mishap spawned new relationships, one that I especially value for his backwoods demeanor and down home integrity (my mechanic). The ponytail to the center of his back is icing.

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