Sometimes you need a little Marianne Williamson: On healing

Confiscated from . . . 
The Age of Miracles
by Marianne Williamson

“I had an experience once that depressed me greatly. I felt wounded by something in my past and fairly hopeless about my future.

Around that time, I moved into a house on the water, where I had a view of the sunrise each day that was more gorgeous than anything I had ever seen. Every morning’s sky looked like a Japanese woodcut that had come to life, with black branches slowly turning deep green, ebony sky turning hot pink on top of the branches, and a beautiful bright turquoise below. 

I had never experienced nature as such a deeply spiritual thing before. It was so extraordinary. I felt for sure that I’d been led to that house, and to that bedroom view, as part of my healing.

Every day my eyes would automatically open as the sun began to rise. I’d lie there and not just look at the dawn; the dawn would enter me. The imprint of sunrise  of a new day following the darkness of night  made its way into my cells. 

And one morning it was as though I heard the voice of God, telling me as I witnessed the dawn that “Such is the work I will do with you.” I too would experience a new dawn after the dark night of my soul. God would give me a new beginning. I knew it then. And as I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep, I thanked Him with all my heart. And my heart was healed.”

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