Soul surfers, creators and the light of heart

Today, if you cast your glance upward, you’ll notice the subtitle to The World Is Freaky Beautiful changed  to this:

for soul surfers, creators and the light of heart

Every site hones itself over time. This site has evolved too. There are three overlapping areas I find myself jazzing over these days, and this phrase best conveys that for now.

What does it mean?

Soul surfers: those who seek an open-minded, wide open-hearted spirituality. You know the type. Soul surfers are inspired by diverse thought, Lao Tzu and Jesus, Abraham-Hicks and Sufis, me and you.

That is to say people who find keen insight wherever it pops up, from Eastern and Western traditions, channelers and mystics, every day people. Wherever meaning can be found.

Creators: those creating in this world, be it a business, an art form, an experience, a project, a family, a lifestyle, a mission . . .  

The light of heart: that’s for you, you impish spirits, those of you who have merriment in your eyes . . . who delight in delight, relish the good, savor the light moments as much as the moments of light. Your lightness and laughter draw us all higher . . . .

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