Soul surfers, soul voyagers


Being clear is as important for a short experience as it is for a long-term vision.

I didn’t understand this until recently. In fact, I didn’t understand the need for clarity at all for many years — because I was a soul surfer, man!

I surfed the chop of existence. I surfed whatever waves came my way. And when the waves weren’t coming, I paddled to where I thought they might be.
There’s nothing wrong with this way of life at all. Many fulfilling lifetimes can be had soul surfing the cross currents. In fact, that in itself is a mighty vision: To soul surf whatever is in front of me, with heart, with compassion, with zest, with awe.
But now I’m a soul voyager.
I’m on a soul voyage to a particular destination. It’s a robust creative career I’m seeking. Indeed I’m living it. Once you seek something you must begin to live it too. If you truly want what you say you seek . . . then you must begin living it in some form every day.
Now I cut through waves the way a sailor sets the sail even when the waves and the wind are against her.
Because the cross currents are not as important as the voyage I’m on.
Getting clear is getting sacred.

For you 
Evan Griffith
You, Creator
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