Sowing peace through muffins

This morning my sister’s family, including three young kids, was awakened at 5:30 am by a snow blower operated by her next-door neighbor. Char called and left a message, asking if it would be possible to do the snow blowing on the side driveway separating their homes at 6 am in the future.

When the neighbor called back later in the day she had her big guns loaded for big game. She blasted Char as over-entitled, complaining she didn’t have the help Char did. Worse, Char’s freelance help occasionally parked on the (public) street in front of her home, not Char’s. Pfft, frrrrzzzle and grrrrrrr.

How would you have handled this?

Me? In light of Char’s reaction I realized how easily I could have initiated a neighborhood cold war. Such unreasonable twaddle cakes! (I would huff.) What’s half an hour? (I would puff.)

Char? She baked muffins and brought them next door as a peace offering.

What says Hey, I’m sure we can work this all out better than muffins you made yourself?

Char said it wasn’t an easy task but she realized if she didn’t extend an olive branch immediately it could lead to long-simmering ugliness . . . . 

Now, for guidance, we can all get bracelets with the acronym WWCD on it: What would Char do?

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