Space and time, love and joy

In the way space and time cannot be separated (Einstein said so, so there), neither can love and joy. It is one entity, two qualities. Two attributes within one undiluted essence.


You hear the birds calling to one another in the day . . . that is LoveJoy transmitting.

You lie naked and entwined with your special one . . . LoveJoy at its finest.

You, silent and alone and awash in your deepest self . . . LoveJoy seeps through every humming particle of you.

You dial a friend, you connect with a stranger, you caress a dog . . . LoveJoy manifests.

When you feel love you feel joy, when you give joy you’ve given love. There is no continuum — say more love, less joy, or flipped, less love, more joy — they are intertwined like the strands of your DNA. Like space-time, LoveJoy is an entanglement so complete as to be inseparable.

The next time you engage in an action in which you find no joy, you can be sure there is no love there either. Conversely, the secret to all joy is in that equation . . . . simply love.

Find the love, exude the love, give the love. 

Channel your inner Beatle and . . . love (love is all you need!).

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