Speak it into existence

As promised, this is a continuation of the ideas expressed in the previous post:

Here’s my take on why Mike is so effective in speaking ideal business circumstances into existence.
When Mike talks about the next step in his business — which is ultimately the business of helping people with various afflictions deal with their issues without medication — Mike is speaking from what his wife Carolyn would term the highest energy level.
He genuinely wants to heal people without drugs. He ardently desires to make bioneurofeedback (biofeedback for your brain) more available for all. He earnestly wishes the greatest good for the greatest number. 
I say this knowing Mike might be too modest to claim all this publicly, but having spoken to him at length every week or two for several years now, I know it’s true.
So first of all he’s operating from highest principles.
Second, Mike speaks as though it will happen . . . somehow. He just doesn’t know when. I don’t hear the angst and worry that so many of us place on our wish list, which comes across as I’ll just freak if this doesn’t come to pass.
I don’t know how he does it — exclude the worrisome details from his mind. Maybe it’s from years of experience that he’s trained himself to focus only on where he wants to go. Maybe it’s natural to him.
Third, repetition. Mike will speak to the next step often. Often, often, often. 
Fourth, he gets very specific. “You know, I think Delray Beach is the perfect place for another office.” He’ll even define the size of that office and whether or not it is in partnership with someone else. All sorts of specifics that make it real in his head.
When he’s speaking about, say, a person needed to fulfill a certain role, he gets detailed. He does not speak in negatives, as in: 
  • I don’t want a person who is flighty.
  • I don’t want another person who can’t take initiative.
  • Oh please don’t let me find another closet smoker (complainer, lazy-slothful slug, whatever . . . he doesn’t go there).
He speaks about the ideal. About her capabilities. About how nice it would be if she came with these credentials. About ways something might happen.
The clincher?
When I asked Mike himself about what he thinks it might be that makes his process so effective, after some thought he said this:
He’s not attached to how or when the next step comes about. He’s operating from a pleasant, day-dreaming-like stage, but one where he’s verbalizing increasingly detailed images of his desire. 
He really is able to let it go. It’s as if he’s musing aloud, nonchalantly. Mike doesn’t get that near-constipated look so many of us get when speaking about how . . . we . . . must . . . make . . . something . . . happen. Now!
So there you have it, all the ingredients to flow things your way, as observed from a Master Flower. Flow on!

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