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Earlier this year I wrote about The power of the Vision Page — and how to access it.

A second way to renew your vision is to speak it. Favorite places for me are in the car, on a walk, in the shower or on a bathroom break. Though admittedly, if others are about, it’s more a whisper of a whisper when it’s a bathroom break.
I practice two forms of speaking my vision aloud: 
  1. Declarations: Where I declare in whatever tone suits me that day a list of principles for my life. Some are already true (I am vibrant). Some are aspirational (I am a multi-millionaire writer-creator), Some are almost there (I am yoga fit). Some are guidelines (I love sharing my overflow with others).
  2. Mantra: I use this term loosely, in the Western sense, where your mantra is a single phrase you seek to embody. Like a motto but with a deeper, more singular meaning. 
    I pull a phrase from my Declarations — the one that most comprehensively speaks to the vision I’m working on now — and repeat that 15 to 20 times aloud. Often with variations on the theme. Like jazz. Where I’ll state the phrase and riff a little each iteration on what it feels like to be living it
Both of these methods are clarifying. There’s nothing quite like the power of your own voice articulating your vision. There’s a rumble and hum to your voice that vibrates into your bones. Even when you’re speaking softly. The resonance goes into your body, deep.
Your body-mind picks up on it. Especially when you slow yourself down to feel what it would feel like.
What you speak aloud — to yourself and others — is reality forging. 
By speaking my declarations and mantra aloud on my morning drive to work I pre-empt my own tendency to accept less for myself. It’s soul-boggling how things begin to change once you start speaking to a new standard.
By speaking aloud my desires for my life before my day really gets going I’m setting my mind to a higher frequency. 
A final thought on speaking it out loud. When crises erupt in my day I find it fortifying to re-set what I think is possible by taking just a minute to reframe my ideal outcome. 
For example, let’s say I find myself suddenly embroiled in an issue with an artist or a vendor at the gallery. Everything flows far better when I take that minute to get away and articulate out loud the feeling I want to come away with when it’s all settled.
If I say aloud to myself, “That was easier than I thought. And it worked out far better than both of us probably imagined it would. I love that we’re both happy with the solution.” — and I allow myself to feel the relief that comes from that as yet unknown solution — it is striking how often it plays out in that direction!
All it is is a mini-projection into the future. Sometimes only minutes or hours into the future. 
By articulating the ideal, reality softens. Reality becomes more malleable. Unseen forces flow in new directions. Possibilities open up. New probabilities come into alignment. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

For you 

Evan Griffith

You, Creator

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