Speak it — until it’s true

In keeping with the recent theme of speaking it into existence, I’ve been reviewing how those around me speak to issues in their lives. I’ve been paying close attention to this for a year or two, ever since I noticed how events and people materialized around a friend of mine, Mike Cohen, founder of The Center for Brain Training.

We go to breakfast once every week or two. This turns out to be a perfect frequency to notice how someone talks about their world. More often and you become so involved that you may not even notice — the way you don’t notice behavior of your own, it’s too familiar.

Less often and you wouldn’t have the intimacy. It would be all catch up and no insight — not enough depth. It would be less likely for the everyday persona to appear.

Be like Mike

I uttered this once to our Dreamers Club when I related what I’d noticed about Mike and the way circumstances materialized around him — especially the way the profoundly right person would come into his professional life at the perfect moment! Often the individual needed for a particular expansion of his business would appear as if beckoned.

I saw this happen when he desired to open another office. Woosh and presto appearo — here she is, the perfect person to helm that satellite office.

Same thing when he craved someone of keen intellect who could jump into all manner of projects that had been languishing, projects requiring sensitivity, understanding, writing skills and more. Ziiip, and there she was.

Same thing when he needed a skilled assistant who would work well with children: he appeared. Again it happened, a gifted freelancer showed up — and wrote a powerful article about The Center for Brain Training in a local publication — when he sought someone who could craft the story of the emerging science of brain biofeedback . . . and its benefits.

When I say he sought this person or that experience or particular skills, what I mean is that he talked about it, incessantly.

It wasn’t as if he’d placed an Internet ad or had been throwing out feelers into the community at large when most of these people arrived at Mike’s doorstep. No, he simply had been talking about his desire for such and such type of person and circumstance.

In the next blog article I’ll go into more depth about my take on how Mike talks his walk . . . 

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