Speaking to the silence (of an unknown caller)

My Mom (MomJo!) fielded a series of challenging calls this past week. 

On Wednesday evenings she volunteers as a spiritual counselor on a Christian prayer line. Through her church she connects to a nationwide service, available for free to anyone who feels the need to connect with someone who can counsel them and pray with them over life issues.

This past Wednesday she received a series of calls where there was nothing but silence on the line, then a click, as the caller hung up. When it happened again she decided to pray aloud to the silence.

MomJo didn’t know whether she was praying for a man or a woman. All she could do was follow her heart and speak to whatever issues sparked in her mind.

She did this and spoke prayerfully about guilt and emotional repression and shame.

As she prayed out loud on these issues sobbing erupted from the other end of the phone line. Still she couldn’t discern gender or age . . . .

After five minutes she finished up, and then there was this  a hushed wow in a male voice. 

That was it, the caller hung up without another word.

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