Spirit feather

As is our ritual, I took the dogs outside for a pee. Me too. Sometimes I go with them. In solidarity, of course.

There, inches from my stream, lay this feather.

The light caught it magnificently. It lay there whispering on the grass, resplendent in its translucence.

I believe this: You have to follow the signs.

I’m a believer in anything that heightens my experience in this world.

Finding a feather is like receiving an invitation to soar. A white feather evokes purity, spirit. It tells you your path is opening up before you.

I share this feather with you today. Because it’s for you too.

Your path is illuminated. 

Your path is a glide path. 

You have wind beneath your wings. 

You are meant to fly; you are meant to be borne aloft. 

Step forward.

That choice you’re confronted with? Make it. You are supported.


"The morning that transformed my entire life"
Crisis means to sift