Spirituality with a wink and a smile

You know what we need more of?

Impish spirituality.

And we’re getting it.

After millennia of hardening of the attitudes, grim-faced religious control is scooting aside for exuberant Spirit imps. Laughter and poking fun and open-hearted acceptance is coming into vogue.

Can you feel it? Think of the people we seek out now . . . they have gentle ways, they have twinkles in their eyes. You are likely no longer drawn to the damnation types. If so  what the hell are you doing here?! You are very much in the wrong place.

This kind of rigidity was not limited to the Western world. In the Eastern world self-denial and self-mortification became esoteric arts. Even now you can find old style masters walking about with a rod in a temple, batting those whose attention wanders in meditation. 

Today, more and more, we are measuring spiritual advancement not by slavish devotion to protocol but by the propensity to hug and smile. 

Give me a smile and a wink and light heart any day . . . and I’ll sit at your feet and listen.

Bliss and the eternal-ephemeral
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