Spot yoga

Or — What I learned about fitness on the road, Part Deux.

I’d like to herald my latest innovation: Spot Yoga.

Yoga takes much of its inspiration from nature. Witness the names of the asanas/postures, such as Downward Facing Dog, Pigeon, Crab, Cobra, Frog, Fish, Crane, and my favorite nap pose, Sloth.

If you watch a cat or dog stretch, they do it on the spot in under a minute and then get on with licking themselves. They don’t schedule time for a class later in the week, that would take them away from games such as Pounce on the Prey that they love so much.

(Our German Shepherd Bodhi and our eight-year old boy Zane play this game interchangeably, each thinks the other is the Prey . . . . which distributes the pain equitably.)

The idea behind Spot Yoga is to do it right now, the second you think about it, on the spot, wherever you’re at — for 15 to 60 seconds — like an animal in nature. Bust a pose, whatever you can do, and then get on with your day.

But like an animal in nature, do it often throughout the day. When you feel sclerotic, do it. Actually, do it before you feel sclerotic — everything flows better that way.

When I practice this method I’ve noticed immediate benefits. I don’t get all scrunched up and achy because I’m waiting all day for some real movement to take place hours from now. I also notice that my body thanks me — like a puppy! It gets happy and sloppy and teenager-y.

The benefits are that you’re nimbler — whisper this: like a ninja! You’re more flexible, blood courses through you.

Suddenly you’re attentive, your mind is clear, your body fluid. The boss man likes it, you’re more alert. And the guys watching the security cameras just might get some enjoyment out of their jobs.

It’s well worth a trial run.

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