Stand up for your artist

You are the artist in your life. Your life is your creation. 

Is there an aspect of your creation you are not protecting? Is there an ideal you are not projecting outward? Is there something you wish to create in your day that you are not creating?

Stand up for your artist. 

The creator in you is your deepest self. 

The only way to unleash your inner creator is by projecting that energy into your outer life. 


Carve out time. 

What is it? 

Connecting with your child? Free of the obligations of homework, housework and activities? Then make it happen, daily.

Connecting with soul friends? Then do it. Schedule it. Daily. Even if for only fifteen minutes a day. Check in. Inspire one another. Connect.

A project? Start with the five-minute rule. Every day.

A business? Same thing. Start. Momentum will accrue.

Is it creativity, service, communion with the divine? There’s always a way to inject it into your daily life, however small, and then to fan the flames from there. 

Because once you embark on your soul work, the flicker in your heart will fire up. The only fuel it needs is attention.

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