Starting simple: How creators do it

When I was speaking recently with the artist Schnicker (yes, inartfully made up name) about his work process, what stood out was how simple he’d made his starting process.

His work space is a detached structure in his back yard. He starts early, after the coffee kicks in. 

Upon entering the studio he performs 15 minutes of light stretching  what some might call yin movement  with the painting he’s working on in full view. 

He’s done his share of yoga and other body articulating exercises over the years, so this 15 minutes is a mashup of some of his favorite postures and stretches. 

After 15 minutes of body wake up  studying the painting in an almost off-hand way throughout  he knows exactly where to start. 

He steps forward, opens his paints, grabs an implement . . . and he’s off and away.

(Note the simplicity of the pattern, the one thing leading to the next, till he’s in  in creative production mode  without having to overthink a bit of it. In fact, without having to really think at all.)

This is part of the What creators do series, where I look to people who are creating something meaningful in the world for inspiration and tips  and pass them along to you.

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