Staycation is playcation: Living out an ideal day

Last week I went on staycation. It was so enjoyable last year I had to do it again.


Florida. I live where millions flock for their vacations. 

Right now I enjoy vacations home more than I enjoy vacations away, for the money saved, for the breezy ease of it, for the experiences right at my fingertips that I’m not able to do in my regular life here.

I’ve also lived ridiculously satisfying adventures over the years, so there’s no yearning for what I’ve missed. My only yearning is for more of what I’m doing.

And this.

I got to live out my ideal day, many days in a row. Living your ideal day is an interesting phenomena. You combine elements that you already enjoy in your life . . . and do more of it, so that it stretches throughout an entire day.

What is especially intriguing to me is that currently I’m living my ideal day as imagined many years ago. The life I have now operating an art gallery, grooving the family groove, writing  all that wrapped up in a day was my uber ideal years ago.

Now that ideal has morphed, and on staycation I got to play with the idea of where I’m heading next. And because I was on staycation, there was no guilt for sloughing off some of my regular day to amplify other aspects.

What did I slough off?

The retail hours at the gallery. I did what I needed to do, minimally, from my home office.

What did I amplify?

My creative life. I wrote more, I connected more with others, I did an interview  I rutted around in the creative muck like a pig in pig paradise. 

What did I learn?

That even in living out my ideal day for days at a time, time management is still a factor. 

That I really like where I’m headed, thank god. 

That for me working from home requires more appointments with people in person. 

I adjusted to that last realization quickly and made more person-to-person time happen. Those quick connections, an hour here or there, drove a dynamic rhythm into my days. I got so much more done on those days  energy transmission between people is infectious! That kind of time punctuation supercharges the work.

Finally, I also realized how deeply fortunate I am to live the life I live now  this ideal from a previous time  even with its difficulties

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