The stream of voluptuous experience

There’s a stream of voluptuous experience that I enter from time to time. 

Hombre, that is the place to be, flowing merrily within the stream of engagement. Actions fulfill themselves. Wishes bring wonders that speed me along to their fruition. The world feels like a big, warm smile.

There’s also that other stream — you know the one, the one that makes you wince, even despair — but we won’t talk about that one today. That one recedes the more I enter the other . . . . 

Mujer, how do we slip into that stream of voluptuous experience? A thousand thousand ways, each of us must find our own ways in.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found entry:

opening my eyes to the presence of another
conversation that matters
saying yes to what is significant
saying no to what is inconsequential
love, which always makes the heart light

For others, it may be this:

for Paul, the piano
for Kelly, Luca
for Brian, the angels
for Holly, articulating the body
for you, you know your ways, your portals into the Flow


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