Stuck? Maybe you just need a side project that doesn’t make any real sense

Feeling stuck in your creative progress?

Maybe you just need the freedom of a personal project that has no to low potential to amount to anything.

When I was at a crossroads in my life I took on the role of artist apprentice. I’d left a high-paying corporate design job on Wall Street. After almost a year searching America for a new life I was getting low on funds.

What did I do? Signed on for a no-pay position with an artist who’d barely made a dent in the artworld.

And yet . . . it led to everything else.

Significantly it led to launching Studio E Gallery 20 years ago. A new career and a new business were spawned. All because I went in the direction of something that felt right. Even if it seemed to make little sense at the time.

(Check out this article from 99U . . . about 5 types of personal projects, and why you can justify them even if you can’t make a dime off of them.)

For you —

Evan Griffith
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