Subside then go on (the essentials of my religion)

somewhere in Utah . . . I think

Subside. And go forth. That’s my religion.

In my religion all you must do is subside from whatever is vexing you.

Subside. Listen in stillness. Feel the renewal. It comes in softly at first, then it’s like a tap turned on full power. The feeling of all rightness pervades.

If you linger there long enough you’ll find yourself blissified. It’s the opposite of justified. There’s no justification needed in blissification. Your existence — pure and essential — is all that is required.

Once you’ve subsided and connected, rejuvenation is yours. 

You’ll leave that space and without giving it a thought you’ll blissify others you encounter in your meanderings. You’ll be singing your unique song. You’ll be playing your tune. You’ll be expressifying in ways only you can.


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