Taking adventure back (going old style)

I say we take adventure back to its earlier meaning. Today it’s a lark in a water park.

I say it’s not an adventure unless you can get hurt. Physically, emotionally, financially. Hazard is involved. Fortune and misfortune come into play. Bones can be broken! Lives can be ruined! Hearts can be ripped asunder. 

Otherwise it’s just entertainment. Entertainment is grand and good, but adventure is where the current of life is. 

If you’ve been hurt  physically, emotionally, financially  then you’ve swum in the current. If you’ve known triumph, then you’ve swum in the current.

Adventure is asking her out, the one who palpitates your heart. She could deny you. Or she could augment you.

It is your start up, your practice, your commitment, your going at it again today  even when your yesterdays have not yet born fruit.

Adventure is setting off on a journey without known end. It is where every meaningful thing is.

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