Taking a joy minute

Here’s what I did today, I took a joy minute. And  surprise  it only took a minute. Actually I lingered on the feeling, so it was closer to a minute and 28 seconds.

What’s a joy minute, you ask?

It’s this: Taking a moment when you need it or want it to conjure up some of the blissiness in your life.

My example: recalling and reveling in some of the recent emails from you, dearest finest awesomest readers, emails expressing heartfelt thanks or additional insights or relating your own very cool stories.

Man, it shifted my frequency. I eased right back into the day, joy-ier. 

The amazing thing is what happened next: 
  • we landed the largest sale of our art lives times ten
  • a publisher called about publishing a book of mine 
  • and then we won the lottery and we hadn’t even bought a ticket
(Nope, but it felt like you would feel 5 months later if such events had come to pass . . . which is to say a complete state of satisfaction.)

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