Taking yoga into your day

On my art treks this past summer I re-introduced yoga into my days. Though not in the way you’d expect. 

I did often start out the day with 15 minutes of yoga in a roadtel room . . . but the real benefit came from incorporating yoga into my day. 

I would stop every hour or two and take micro-breaks incorporating yoga stretches, push ups, knee bends . . . whatever energizing motion felt right.

Then I’d hop back into my big ole van and whoooosh, I’d be off to somewhere else beautiful and alive in America.

Elongation and counterbalance can be yours in your daily activities. 

A side benefit cropped up quickly. I became conscious of all of my movements . . . yoga principles began to infuse themselves into everyday activities.

Flossing Warrior Pose
(while flossing I adopt various Warrior like stances)
(until I look in the mirror and all seriousness gets wiped off my face)

Laundry From Hamper Asana
(a short series of stretch and bend movements, totally fulfilling)

Brushing Hair Sequence
(I don’t have hair, not really, so you’ll have to make this up for yourself)

There can be yoga in every motion, every movement.

Living yoga can be had as you move throughout your day

Ever since I went back to yoga I’ve found myself moving deliberately. Like when I pick up that stinky sock my son left behind, testing our fondness for him.

In the shower I stretch over and let the water hit my shoulders, the small of my back — my God that loosens you up.

When you take yoga into your day every action is a pleasure. There’s no need to rush, you’re living in the action itself. Not some future moment. 

Now that I take yoga into my day I walk outside more when I’m on a business call. These things are untethered! There’s no need to sit within 5 feet of the phone station like our parents were required to do.

This is not your pappy’s phone! Let the technology free you.

When you take yoga into your day you begin looking for moments to extend yourself. 

Changing positions is as productive as maintaining a position in yoga. Same with your creative life. Same with your business life. Same with your home life.

The more you can move deliberately from one pose (Sitting Next To Kid On Couch Pose) to another (Helping In The Kitchen Sequence), the richer your living yoga practice is.

When you take yoga into your day you find yourself choosing clothes you can move in. You choose shoes you can walk in. You choose moments you can exist in. 

Supple up. Body and spirit. Take yoga into your day. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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