Talk about it . . . it just may happen

Three days ago, in the afternoon, I went up to see my friend Gil, about 45 minutes north. Over the course of three hours we watched an hour-and-ten-minute video by Caroline Myss on the levels of personal power. (In her view
 –  in case you’re curious
 –  tribal, individual, and symbolic.)

It took us three hours to watch something one-third that length of time because . . . ideas were spurred! . . . thoughts were had! We paused more than she spoke, which speaks well of the film, doesn’t it?

Afterward, on a lark, we went to a sports bar type joint for dinner, to revel in unhealthy food – Gil was set to embark on one of his periodic food fasts the next day. We could think of no more perfect a way to celebrate. It’s sort of the same spirit in which you bring in a stripper the night before you pledge forever love in a ceremony before your beloved.

We drove there, fifteen minutes or so, and then walked in. As I was settling into the booth, David Langley* shot in beside me. It was such a surprise I had to blink, trying to understand how he could be there. 

Turns out he’d tagged along on his girlfriend’s night out with a gaggle of female co-workers (and one glowingly gay fellow), and somehow they’d ended up in this place too, at the same time. After dinner they were going to the male stripper movie by Soderbergh. 

David parked himself with us for the duration of dinner, saying how relieved he was we’d shown up.

I manifested meeting you.” David said matter-of-factly to me over the phone the next day. 

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Apparently I’d casually mentioned earlier in the week I was heading over to Gil’s on the weekend for this spiritual movie thing . . . and he’d kept saying to his girlfriend Traci, ‘I’d really like to hang out with Evan and Gil.’ 

Though he was too polite to invite himself, he repeated variations of this thought several times to her over the course of the week.

We could not have run into each other in a more out of the way place! How synchronicity-alicious is it, the way it all came together.

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