A Tantric sexuality experience

Thank you to Anthony Amrhein, who wrote this about the experience he and his wife Elise had:

My wife and I attended our first Tantric Intimacy Retreat about two months ago for her birthday. It was nothing like I expected at all. It was more about communication than sex. 

What really stunned me is the depth of and really the ignorance of my assumptions about the truth I was hearing from her. We are both facilitators of “spiritual” events and consider ourselves to be great communicators. Neither of us is intimidated in any way by the other. We each speak our own truth in the freedom of wreck-less abandon. 

Yet, it is now clear that because of various things we had said to each other over the years, we had both “deduced” certain assumptions about each other that were simply not true. What we found out was that we did not really even know each other after having lived together over nine years. 

The gift of the retreat for me is communicating in the beauty of knowing she is not the same old person every day. She is a mystery adventure too deep to fathom. We cloud the clear blue sky of love with all kinds of assumptions calling it knowledge. 

If you are like me and you think you “know” your lover, you may not really be communicating. You may be assuming many things much to the innocent detriment of your relationship. I highly recommend the retreat. We are more madly in love than ever.


For information on the retreat Anthony and Elise attended: www.intimacyretreats.com


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