Tapping your personal aquifer

My mom’s mom owned orange groves. 

Growing up Grandma Anthony told us that if nuclear war broke out we should make our way to a small cave in the orange groves — we’d all meet there and survive off the citrus and the deep-driven well.

And the occasional random animal.

I heard it mentioned so often I suspect she proudly talked this nuclear option to any who would listen. Which means there would have been a village showing up for this cave.

Around this time I formulated the thought that if nuclear war came I’d want to be among those who perished in the first strike. Which cities were guaranteed to be obliterated, I wondered. That’s where I want to be. 

That seemed preferable to cave sitting with my flinty grandmother, fending off feral humans.

As we came of age we referred to her as the bitchy grandma. Lovingly, I think. 

(Me, looking skyward, Grandmother, you were!)

For a woman the size of a leprechaun she was a tough old battle ax. The first woman in Florida to manage an orange grove, she had to be. Many men wouldn’t deal with her. You think it was hard being a man during the Depression and fending for your family. Try being a woman.

Grandmother also spoke often of the aquifer. The water table beneath the land. When she was young you could almost pound any random rod into the ground and up would gush water. 

By the time of her nuclear war warnings — in the 1970s — with all the influx of people into Florida, you had to drill deeply to tap water.

Her orange groves had such a well. I forget now how deeply it punctured into the earth — 200 feet? Water would be plentiful now that it was drilled. Just a turn of the spigot and it came issuing forth.

She reckoned it would be years before it was contaminated by radioactive fallout, it was so deeply fortressed in the earth.

Spiritual connection works much the same way as modern drilling. 

Through practice — through reality tunneling — you connect to the deep flow within. To that essence that will sustain you no matter the mayhem going on at the surface level of your life.

There are many ways there. Meditation and vision pages are my favorite methods. Others have prayer practices. If you care to, you’ll find your own way into the creative still point . . . 

The drilling analogy is only useful to a point, however. You can’t drill once and be done. 

Reality tunneling is most effective when done daily. Resilience is built up this way. Your connection accrues force over time. 

The essence flows forth from within you and the way you look at the world changes . . . and then the surface of your life changes to reflect what’s outpouring from you . . . 

It’s the tap that never need be turned off.

Why would you? It would be like turning off the love of your life.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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